Welcome to Johnson Custom Hardwoods

Johnson Custom Hardwoods is located in the Ozarks in the city of Seymour and specializes in and is a major regional supplier of reclaimed hardwoods for both specialty wood manufacturers and the Do-It-Yourself expert. We invite you to visit our showroom here in Seymour, MO. Walk around and check out our lumberyard of over 50 types of lumber and find just the right piece of hardwood lumber for your next custom project.

Kiln dried hardwoods are the best lumber for custom furniture, household accessories and home construction projects. Our kilned dried hardwoods provide durable material for both large and small custom projects. We also fabricate small and large blocks of wood; we can provide unusual pieces for those special projects. 

We can provide hardwoods for many uses including gunstocks, bar tops, furniture and other projects requiring a rustic live edge look like tables and benches and hardwood flooring. Check out our stock of ash, oak, hard and soft maple, osage orange, walnut and cherry slabs among other reclaimed hardwoods.

Our kiln is always in the process of drying up to 5,000 board feet for the Do-It-Yourselfer and commercial projects. Our Kiln is on site and we are happy to have you stop by and ask about how it works to prepare wood for those special projects. While you are here walk around and see our inventory of kiln-dried hardwoods.

All work and cutting is done on site. This provides for the best value and price. We have a wide variety of woods available for your inspection and selection. 

We take pride in our wide selection of quality kilned-dried hardwood products. All of the products we offer are Kiln dried lumber and specialty cuts and pieces indigenous to the Ozarks. We also offer custom sawing and from time to time can include custom pieces into our kiln drying process.

Contact us and speak directly with owner and proprietor : Tim Johnson.  417-766-0723